Highway C17. Identification of economic and investment potential on highway C17, linking Barcelona and France. Client: C17 Network Association. Funding: Municipal governments/EU funds. (2015-2016)

Euro-Mediterranean network of logistics platforms. Drafting a strategy to help countries in the Mediterranean southern rim to develop world-class logistics platforms under EIB’s LOGISMED initiative. Client: CETMO. Funding: EIB. (2015-2016)

Development of logistics parks in México. Feasibility assessment, product conception, commercial strategy, due diligence and technical support to develop a series of class AAA logistics parks in Mexican cities. Client: TyA. (2015)

Adapting land planning and zoning regulations and governance to logistics activities. Revision of current regulations and norms, identification of bottlenecks and inefficiencies, capacity building to technical staff at municipal and metropolitan planning authority level. Client: Area metropolitana de Barcelona (AMB). (2015)

Logistics zone ZAL Montevideo. Assistance in the preparation of a PPP to develop a logistics –maritime zone in Montevideo. Beneficiaries: INALOG, City of Montevideo, Port of Montevideo and other stakeholders. CAF City of Montevideo. Funding: CAF (2015)

Bogotá Occidente Logistic platform. Technical support in the implementation of a PPP to develop a logistics zone in Bogotá for urban freight distribution. Beneficiaries: Bogotá Logística, City of Bogotá. Funding: CAF. (2015)

Feasibility Study of a Cameroun-Chad railway line. Preparation of concept, ToR and institutional arrangements for a feasibility study of a new 700 Km railway line linking Ngaoundéré (Cameroun) and Ndjamena (Chad) under a PPP contract. Client: AFDB (2015)

Knowledge sharing and services in Transport and Transport Facilitation. Preparation of a toolkit on PPP/tolling options to deal with the challenges of road construction and maintenance in Central and West Asian (CAREC) countries. Preparation of a knowledge material on Azerbaijan’s experience & technical ad-hoc assistance on individual projects across the region. Client: ADB (2015)

Strategic approach for the transformation of Barcelona’s Free Zone and other port-related industrial parks. Recommendations for the revision of current land planning and governance mechanisms based on benchmark of best practices across Europe of port-related industrial zones. Client: Barcelona City Council. (2015)

Freight transport masterplan in Casablanca (Morocco). Technical assistance to the Transport Authority in the implementation stage of the urban freight transport strategy. Beneficiary:
AODU. Funded: EuropeAid. Contractor: Safege (2014-2015)

Masterplan for Barcelona metropolitan area. Assessor to the drafting team in the domain of freight and logistics. Client: Barcelona Regional, Area Metropolitana de Barcelona, Institut d’Estudis Regionals I Metropolitans de Barcelona. (2014)

Logistics zone in El Callao port (Peru). Technical support in the preparation of a PPP tender to develop a logistics zone in el Callao port and recommendations for implementation. Client: ProInversion. Funding: CAF. (2014)

Analysis of the state of the art and practice in logistics centers and lessons for implementation in Latin America. Redaction of implementation guidelines for the development of the logistics centers in LATAM region. Client: CAF. (2014)

Strategic study for the implementation of public-private partnerships in the road sector. Additional study. Feasibility assessment of introducing tolls in the ring road of Baku (R6). Client: AzeRoadService. Financing: ADB. Contractor: ALG (2014)

Greater Dhaka Sustainable Urban Transport Project. Implementation of BRT line in North Dhaka (Airport-Gazipur). Client: Ministry of Communications. Financing: ADB. Contractor ALG (2013-2014)

Yucatán State logistics strategy (Mexico). Assistance in the development of a Logistics Strategy involving the port of Progreso, Chichen Itzá airport, Valadolid air cargo centre, and new railway line. Client: Instituto Tecnológico Superior de Progreso. (2014)

Training programme on multimodality, PPP and logistics. Vihn City and Vung-Tau (Vietnam). Ministry of Transports. Funding: WB. Contractor: ALG. (2014)

Study on freight mobility in industrial areas in Barcelona’s metropolitan region. Client: Pacte Industrial Metropolità. (2014)

Improving Rail Infrastructure Financing in Sub-Saharan Countries. The objective is to investigate innovative options to finance African railways. Client: AfDB. Contractor: ALG (2014)

Feasibility study of a Multi-flux Logistics Platform in Morocco. Intermodal platform and dry port in Zenata in Casablanca metropolitan area. Institutional components, feasibility analysis, proposal for corporate development.  Client: European Investment Bank. Contractor: ARUP. 2013-2014.

Urban Freight Observatory for Colombia. Proposal for the implementation of a nation-wide observatory of urban freight in Colombia.  Client: Departamento Nacional de Planeación. Contractor: ALG. (2013)

Assessment of institutional framework to foster freight logistics in Peru. Client: Ministry of Transport and Communications. Contractor: ALG (2013)

Strategic Study for Road Sector in Azerbaijan. Identification of Projects for PPP Implementation, Preparation of Legal and Regulatory Framework and Operational Procedures for Toll Roads in Azerbaijan. Client: ADB. Contractor ALG. February-September 2013

Feasibility study of a Euro-Mediterranean Logistics Platform in Tunisia. Logistics and intermodal platform of 200+ ha in Tunis metropolitan region. Institutional framework, mechanisms for PPP and commercial strategies.  Client: European Investment Bank.  Contractor: Ove, Arup & Partners. March 2012 – June 2013.

Trade Logistics for Business Competitiveness conference. Conceived as a peer to peer learning event that gathered more than 70 high level officials from Ports, Customs and other trade authorities from 20 countries. Client: IFC (World Bank Group). Contractor: Transfer Enginyeria. Sept 2011-Jan 2012.

Transport and urban distribution at the metropolitan region of Barcelona. Main issues and policy recommendations. Appraisal of urban logistics issues to be addressed by  Barcelona’s region Mobility Master Plan. Client: Metropolitan Transport Authority ( Contractor: Transfer Enginyeria. March 2012-July 2012.

Territorial Strategies linked to logistics activities in the Metropolitan Region of Barcelona. Identification of main issues and bottlenecks concerning freight logistics that could be relevant for revision of the territorial planning at the metropolitan region of Barcelona. Client:  Barcelona Regional (  Sept-Dec 2011.

Logistics Agenda 2020. Barcelona’s Logistics Association. Definition of strategies to promote logistics activity in Barcelona region. Active involvement in the Demand Committee and Training, R+D and CSR Committee   

Feasibility study and master plan for the freight crossing of Kerem Shalom-Karm Abu Salem between Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory of Gaza. Improvement of existing facilities and the Palestinian side of the only operating crossing point between Israel and Gaza. Client: EU Representative at the Palestinian territories (EUREP). Contractor: International Management Group. June 2011.

Development & management of logistics centres. As CEO of CIMALSA, Ignasi leaded the development and management of a network of 10 logistics centres and intermodal platforms in his home region: CIM Vallès, CIM LLeida, CIM la Selva, CIM el Camp (West sector), CIM el Camp (east sector), CIM Metropolitana II, LOGIS Bages, LOGIS Empordà, LOGIS Penedès, LOGIS Montblanc. He was involved in all project cycle stages from pre-feasibility studies to feasibility, planning, land acquisition, community and stakeholders discussions, construction, project management, commercialisation, operations, maintenance and rehabilitation.

Terminal Intermodal Empordà. Rail-road intermodal terminal near the Spanish-French border in order to facilitate the permeability for cargo trains. Project funded by EU (Trans-European Transport Networks TEN-T). Ignasi was chairman of Terminal Intermodal Emporda SL, a joint venture between the Port of Barcelona and CIMALSA in charge of the project’s development. (2010-2011)

Castellar del Vallès truck centre. 15,400 sq. m (Barcelona, Spain). Preparation of the business plan, commercialization and launching of operations. The centre is fully operative and profitable. (2010-2011)

Girona Airport Aviation and Logistics Park. Development of a business park in the vicinity of Girona-Costa Brava airport offering office space, retail, car parks and services to travellers and airport-related business under a PPP approach. CIMALSA (2005-2011).

LOGIS Bages. Public-private partnership to build one of the major single roofed warehouses in Catalonia (55,000 sq. m of covered space). Warehouse fully operative. (2005-2009)

Observatory of Logistics of Catalonia. Observatory of performance indicators for freight transport and logistics in the region of Catalonia. CIMALSA (2005-2010).

Corporate social responsibility strategy for CIMALSA. Conception and implementation of the CSR strategy. Rated A+ GRI checked (2008-2010).

Responsible Logistics initiative. Launching of the initiative “Logística Responsable” (Responsible logistics) at the Spanish Association of Freight and Logistics Centres (ACTE). Organizatiobn of the “Logistica Responsible”. (2009).

Lleida-Alguaire airport. (Lleida, Spain) Regional airport. Administrative, procurement and financial management during the building and launching of operations stages. (2008-2011).

Barcelona Air Route Development Committee CDRA. Launching and managing a body that brought together the Airport operator with regional stakeholders with the aim to increase the air connectivity of Barcelona airport, especially in long-haul services.  (2004-2007)

Route development schemes for Girona-Costa Brava and Reus airports (Catalonia, Spain). Launching and management of the air-routes development scheme for Girona-Costa Brava airport, taking into account European competition regulations. (2004-2007)

Barcelona Aeronautics and Space Association. Launching a trade association of aeronautics and space companies located in Barcelona region aimed at developing the aerospace cluster. (2002-2004).  (

City Council of Barcelona. Director of Economic Analysis and Strategies.  My position involved infrastructure and socioeconomic studies, city marketing, strategic planning, innovation policies, and liaison with transport and infrastructure operators and stakeholders (port and airport).   (2000-2004)

City Council of Barcelona. Director of the Cabinet of the Deputy Mayor of Economic Promotion. This position involved infrastructure and socioeconomic studies, city marketing, strategic planning, liaison with transport and infrastructure operators and stakeholders (port and airport) and communication policies (1995-1999).

City Council of Barcelona. Responsible for Economic and Infrastructure affairs at the Mayor’s Office. This position involved policy analysis and implementation, internal co-ordination with economic-related departments, liaison with main economic institutions and stakeholders, liaison with transport and infrastructure operators and stakeholders (port and airport), communication policies.  (1990-1995).

Barcelona Economic and Social Committee. (CESB) Member of the executive committee. Supervision of Barcelona’s Socioeconomic Report. (1995-2004)

Barcelona’s Metropolitan Industrial Pact. This is a partnership of municipalities, unions and employers organizations to promote employment, public transport and innovation at Barcelona’s metropolitan region. (1997-2004)